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Paramount – Goodbye Hollywood, Hello DSi?

Paramount – they want more money…

Paramount – everyone knows who they are, there’s no denying it – they are in the business of making movies!  So it comes as a little shock that they are turning their attention to the gaming market.

Apparently Paramount has had enough of the silver screen and is instead looking at attacking the miniature screens of the PSP and DSi – it would seem that they are bored of box office takings and over-paid actors.  They’re ready for a swap and they thing the gaming market holds the key to their troubles.

Paramount is no stranger to the gaming community as a couple of iPhone titles have already been absorbed by the market – Shooter and Top Gun have enjoyed their success on the popular handheld platform.

But now they want to go from mobile gaming to portable gaming!  The senior vice president of games for Paramount, John Kavanagh, told MCV (the trade magazine) that Paramount was looking at emerging as a king pin in the gaming community.

Where does it go from there?

The popularity of the iPhone is not enough for the likes of the Paramount giants and the plan is to start to tackle the portable gaming world of the DSi and the PSP – we can only assume that what follows is an attack on the PS3 and Xbox platforms in an attempt to captivate every level of gaming.

So what can we expect?  Up ‘till now we have been watching the same tired old formula play out from the big Hollywood-budget movies down to the games consoles and everyone is disappointed.

But now that Paramount themselves want to join in the fight does this mean we will be witnessing the birth of a new brand of highly exciting gaming experiences?

The plans have been in the works for a while now – Warner Bros. has been eagerly planning the release of game version of Watchmen that they took control of.  Furthermore Paramount’s very own Star Wars release is set to be accompanied with a big budget downloadable experience…

So it would make sense for the company to start thinking about tackling the real gaming platforms out there – the DS family is a highly successful market.  If Paramount were to unleash a game for the DSi then it would be in touch with a massive market that they had otherwise been blind to.

What does the future hold?

But what can we expect from the leaders of the film industry?  If all goes to plan for the movie legends then we could be getting the likes of Iron Man 2 and Captain America straight from the studio…this could spell the end of lame movie/game converts that fail to entertain…

Paramount:  can they cut it?

Would you be up for the introduction of Paramount into the gaming market or do you think they should stay put where they are right now?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think…

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