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PC Gaming.

In all generations of console evolution, PC gaming remains the same though the need for advanced hardware and machinery takes its toll on gamers. PC is arguably the best place for gaming since everything is easily optimised for the PC with the right hardware though every 4/5 years, gamers could be spending £3o0+ on new parts. The use of keyboard and mouse provides more accuracy for gameplay though pads can also be used.

Notable Exclusive PC Games.

Not all games are exclusive to PC and there are very few in which receive the jealousy of console gamers. Here are a few games though that are suited brilliantly for the PC and are among the best games for it.

-Civilisation V. Great strategy game with multiple factions and time-spanning battles.

-Arma III: A superb tactical open shooter with massive battles but no single player.

-Eve Online. Imagine Star Wars-then you have Eve. A free to play-PC exclusive, Eve is a hardcore Space shooter MMO game.

-Counterstrike. Even if it is ageing now, this game puts COD to shame in small scaled FPS battles. A legendary PC game.

Most games appear on PC and some of those games benefit from the nature of the PC such as Battlefield for example and Titanfall. The exclusion of games like GTA5 at launch has done much to highlight issues with PC gaming such as the need to always be online and piracy which cripples the PC gaming space. I believe if PC gaming can be secured against piracy in the future then the future of gaming will centre around PC, not consoles.