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Playback: Resistance 2

With the new consoles here, it is a sad time for games that are on the wane. Sony have a habit every year as does other companies to shutter the online services for ageing games. Motorstorm: Pacific Rift was one of the first major games to shut in 2012. Now, the poor SOCOM games and the average MAG shut yesterday. The Resistance trilogy and Gran Turismo 5 will shut its online in March. Time for a look back at one of the best shooters to appear on the PS3.

Comparisons are rife between the Resistance trilogy and Halo on the Xbox. Resistance is a series that punched well above its weight considering what it did. The first Resistance was a slow moving shooter which to its credit had a great backdrop and online. Resistance 3 instead had a brilliant story-truly gripping and fun to play. But its online, reduced from 60 players in the second game to just 16 and no separate co-op.

Resistance 2 is the most consistent game in the trilogy offering a solid lengthy campaign that even on the easiest difficulty will take 10 hours+. It also had a deep Co-op campaign separate to the story which again could take well over 30 hours to fulfill. And then there was the multiplayer-60 players and a notorious Trophy for achieving 10,000 kills. I am saddened that Resistance 2 has to shut its online servers.

The game came to me not long after I had gotten a PS3 back in 2008. It captured my imagination instantly with breathtaking set-pieces. There is one part in the game where you are on top of a building in Chicago trying to take down a massive beast. The beast grabs you and throws you into another building. Great stuff. The online also offered something considerably different from other games at that time.

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the go-to game for most. But Resistance offered a more classic, slower and rewarding multiplayer experience. What was also enjoyable was the style of the game. The Resistance trilogy is set in the 1950’s-so the classical style, vehicles, weapons etc were mostly represented really well.

After completing the game fully recently, I realised that the co-operative is without doubt the main draw to the game. These games are 8 player missions in which the team has to complete 3 main objectives and down some titanic Chimera. Each player can choose a class-Medic, Soldier and Spec-Ops. The many matches of co-op required me to think about the team rather than myself. Only a select few games do this really well such as Payday and The Last Of Us.

It is a shame-games like these deserve to be recognised for their brilliance. Resistance 2 was the first true great multiplayer shooter on the PS3 and is up there with Killzone 2. Anyone that does indeed have a PS3 I would recommend picking up the Resistance trilogy even if you cannot go online-play the stories and grab a buddy for co-op splitscreen.

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