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Playstation 4

The Playstation 4, successor to the Playstation 3 released initially in America 15/11/13, Europe 29/11/13 and then Japan March 2014. The console is the direct rival to the Xbox One and was revealed in February 2013. The console was the second 8th generation console announced after the WiiU (June 2011). The PS4 has received much appraisal since its debut showing and enjoyed a very successful E3 showing in which they openly confirmed their stance on used games and drm policies. Here are key features for the PS4:

-More powerful than the Xbox One with a slightly better RAM and disc speed being the obvious areas of advantage.

-Sony purchased Gaikai in 2012. Their streaming capabilities have been used to allow the PS Vita to remote play all PS4 non-move titles.

-The PS Vita can also be used as a second controller. A new Playstation app will be released to allow remote configuration for the PS4.

These were the initial highlights for the PS4. At E3, we saw the console, games line up as well as the price-£349, $399 and Euros. The console has been overwhelmingly received for its hospitality towards Indie devs and gaming in general. Here are some of the key launch games for the PS4:

-Planetside 2. The massively popular free to play shooter will launch as a downloadable game from the PSN. Combining large-scale battles and great gameplay, Planetside 2 is a great alternative to not purchasing a game at launch.

-Killzone: Shadowfall. Killzone has enjoyed much success across the Playstation consoles especially the superb Killzone 2. Shadowfall looks to expand the Killzone universe further introducing more expansive battlefields and open-ended multiplayer gameplay.

-Knack. The only child-friendly game for both the Xbox One and PS4 launches. What is very interesting for this game is Mark Cerny, one of the creators of Crash Bandicoot heads the development on this title.

There are also many Indie titles heading to the PS4 including; Outlast, Octodad and Oddworld. The PS4 is seen as the favourably better console and more open towards gamers. The PS4 is cheaper than the Xbox One, does not necessitate the use of a camera and will use PS+ subscription for multiplayer services. The PS4 will cost a minimum of £349/$399.