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PointBase Mobile Edition – for petite mobile phones

PointBase Mobile Edition is exclusively designed for the purpose of mobile client applications as object relational database written in Java. PointBase Mobile Edition provides set of functionality and platform independence which is useful in data management solution. PointBase Mobile Edition provides them through adherence to industry standards of JDBC, SQL, HTTP and TCP/IP.

The point base mobile edition can be easily deployed on any device or computer without any dependency on version, hardware or operating system. The deployment capability permits developers for deploying single version of database on any system without writing system specific code or porting.

PointBase has also been certified as 100% java compatibility by KeyLabs. Due to pure Java implementation, there will be a support for developing the application by use of technologies including JDBC API, Personal Java Application Environment, Java Native Interface, Abstract Windowing Toolkit and Java Development Kit.

Mostly the market of PointBase is concentrated on handheld PDA arena and PC, since nowadays mobile phone users’ wants to access data from their handheld devices. The tiny size of DBMS footprint of PointBase makes it easy to be used with Java enabled mobile phones.

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PointBase Mobile edition is specially designed with footprint architecture to optimize the use on small processor system and small memory. The facility permits modular deployment of database functionality required for the application and optimize the processor resources and memory use. PointBase can run on platforms such as mobile phones, internet appliances and PDAs and hence are widely used in mobile client applications.

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