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Popular applications

The article will provide a user with information on most popular applications. Following applications will be covered in this article:
• Astro Love
• Phone Light
• 9 dumbest jokes
• Advanced Call Manager

Astro LoveNowIn this application, the stars will answer this and many other questions about the relationship and beloved as each sign gets its bright and dark sides revealed. Lady Irma will be a guide to the mystic forces of the planets. When she will wave her hands the true nature of the relationship will be revealed in a swift burst of magic.
She is very generous, she will let two of the friends use the app as well. A user can store up to 10 compatibility results to make sure that a user always remember the sweethearts.

Phone Light
Phone light application will easily let a user light the way in the night and many more different tasks which require light. A user can use his/her phone as a source of light. The greatest thing about Phone Light is that a user always have it in the pocket. A user can choose from various different modes, in which a user can manually turn on the light, set it to to flash in a constant time interval or change the colour of the light.

9 Dumbest Jokes
A user will have the 99 dumbest jokes in the pocket when ever a user is in for a ridiculous laugh. A user will get a dumb joke every day, or a user can enter the name to get a joke that matches his/her personality.

Advanced Call Manager
Advanced Call Manager will handle a users’ incoming calls and let a user personalize the response so a users phone never rings at an inappropriate time again. Depending on the platform, a user can choose between various call-handing options such as play an instant busy tone, mute the ringer, divert calls, send a custom SMS, pick up and hang up, or play a personal greeting. The Advanced Call Manager take care of incoming calls according to the specific requirements without interrupting the important meetings.

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