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PS Vita “hacked” already!

2011 for Sony was suffice to say a mixed unspectacular year. The PSN (Playstation Network) covering; PS3, PSP and other Sony owned services was down for little over a month. Sony made a loss of around £170 million. Add the summer riots in which a Sony warehouse in London was burnt to the ground and a rather unspectacular shwoing at E3 compared to 2010’s event topped off a bad year. It seems with Sony’s latest handheld that it holds hope as well as true HD gaming on a handheld.

Before 2012 has got into full steam and even before the PS Vita is released in the west, it has already been exploited or hacked if you prefer to interpret it that way. Videos have been circulating on youtube that a PS Vita user for all we know has hooked up his Vita to a jailbroken PS3 using the 3.55 custom firmware. It is also shown to be playing or at least streaming the graphically luscious Battlefield 3 from the PS3 to the handheld.

Firstly, it represents an accomplishment in terms of capability. The fact that it can run a game of that scale from a home console to a much smaller one is impressive. The fact that the Vita has double the ram of the PS3 (512mb compared to 256mb) sheds some light on it in a way yet the PS3 has more computing power as well as processors to run the game on a main console. The Vita is shown to however to be clearly capable of accomplishing this with a few hiccups in the viewing.

Secondly and more worryingly however, this represents a worrying sign of insecurity in gaming. Each console in gaming has been hacked in some way or another for mainly piracy purposes although it is claimed by the people responsible notably the group anonymous and George Hotz that it is for good purposes. Profiting from piracy or manipulating it for other means is wrong especially on a home console in this modern era as it disable online access to the network. Online gaming is a big thing nowadays and the vast majority of gamers realise that playing with your friends or even strangers is what is on the agenda nowadays. For that reason, hacking on home consoles and now handheld consoles also will remain in a small minority of gamers.

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