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PS Vita review.

The PSVita has arrived to acclaim, buzz and a plethora of potential for success. The new iteration of a handheld console for Sony is technologically superior than anything else that you can hold in your hands and play games on. It doesn’t matter that if it sells by the bucketload or by the fingernails or that it lives in Nintendo’s dusky commercial shadow, this is a very very good gaming portable machine with bags of potential.

Chunkier than the original PSP as it has a larger HD screen and other nifty features, its portability is questionable i.e. pocket sized like Nintendo’s range. Sony have always seen themselves delivering technical superiority which is largely true and is backed wholeheartedly with the Vita. Six axis, gyro sensor, touchscreen, rear touchscreen, PS3 cross play, dual numb sticks, front and rear camera’s, built in wi-fi as well as bluetooth and 3g dependent on version needless to say…should I go on?

The graphical output is outstanding. The games I have currently are; Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Escape Plan, Super Stardust Delta and Motorstorm R.C. All have lovely individual visuals that rival the HD home consoles with Uncharted standing out in particular. If anyone is curious and wanting the console for its aesthetic visual grace then having HD visuals between the palm of your hands then this is for you.

If there is any critique to do with the machine then its to do with some of its innovative gimmicks which are largely hit and miss. The camera facing you as you point your vision towards the Vita is offset to the right so lining  up pictures of any kind is difficult and awkward. A quite pointless and unnecessary flaw.

The use of combining the rear and front touchscreen in a game is again awkward. It requires you to readjust how your handling the console to a more comfortable fit so that you can control both screens despite this it will most likely cause you to drop your new expensive Vita (I have not dropped mine yet…not ruling it out though). Motion sensors on another note are cumbersome in some points. The biggest fault I found was that in Super Stardust, you tilt the Vita to adjust your viewing. I could never seem to get a good viewing so that I could see all forthcoming danger on harder difficulties.

Before I conclude, I would like to share some comments about the games I have played to give a sense of perspective as to whether the hype has been worthwhile.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss- A graphical masterpiece and the best visuals I have seen on a portable device. The game employs some great use of the Vita as well as deep gameplay seen on the PS3. The narrative is not upto scratch though…not that we care. 90/100

Motorstorm R.C- The dark horse of the launch games. Top down racing from a bygone era while you drive R.C cars. Great fun and good connectivity. Buying a version is like buying 2. So 1 for the PS3 and another for the Vita for the same price while data is shared between the two. Easy to play, hard to master and top down views not always that great. 86/100

Super Stardust Delta- Twin stick shooting and this classic from the PS3 makes it way to a handheld that has two numb sticks. Lovely visuals and sessions can become addictive and plenty of content to boast. The action happening on a tiny screen along with some unnecessary motion sensor implementation downgrades the fun factor. 81/100

Escape Plan- A unique game where making characters escape from fatal but also darkly comical deaths in black and white visuals makes this game stand out. However the execution of the rear touchscreen in combination with the front touchscreen leads to many unavoidable deaths. 70/100

The Vita should be measured in its output in delivering quality in its games and in that instance the Vita has all the right things going for it. While its early days and the innovations will be explored further no doubt, the games available offer what is seen as one of the most substantial and quality driven launch lineups gaming has ever seen. At whatever price, the Vita delivers traditional console quality gaming with ease and with dual numb sticks which really cements the recommendation.

Whether it sells or it falls in sales, what is clear is that nothing can at this moment in time rival the Vita for pure gaming. Case in point: Can your DS or your Smartphone or even anything else for that matter play Uncharted?

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