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Why The PS4 Is The Console To Get.

41 days left at the time of writing until the PS4 hits the UK shores. Popular opinion shows that the PS4 has momentum amongst gamers even if crucial launch title Diveclub has been delayed. So why should you get a PS4 over the Xbox One? Here are a couple of key points to note about the PS4.

-Playstation Plus: For online multiplayer gaming on the PS4, you will need to be subscribed to the PS+ service. Yes, for some that enjoyed the free service on the PS3, it will come as a shock and for some, the PC gaming scene will become more appealing. However, compared to Steam and XBL, PS+ allows some of the latest games available to those that subscribe no additional cost. Games such as; Far Cry 3, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Free games also available for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita owners so its really good service.

-Not everything is locked to PS+: So, you do not want to subscribe to PS+. That is okay. You can still access Netflix, Lovefilm outside of the service, play disc games while not going online. You can also play free-to-play games such as Planetside 2 which will appear outside of the PS+ paywall.

-Backwards Compatibility?: While PS3 disc based games will not at the time of writing work on the PS4, digital games purchased on the PS3 may be accessible on the PS4. I think that all consoles should be backwards compatible-could you imagine Blu-ray players that do not play DVD’s? So hopefully, it could be a thing.

What is a thing though is gaikai streaming and while there may be an additional cost, you can in theory play any game from past era’s whether it is classics like Resident Evil 2 or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City-for an additional cost you can play these games. It has also been mentioned that any games played on the PS3 by owners can be accessed on the PS4 service.

-Diversity In Exclusives: It must be said now, the Xbox One exclusives are stronger in numbers for launch. However, down the line the PS4 will have more muscle. The Xbox will have a Halo and Gears Of War at some point as there other big guns. Playstation? Uncharted, The Last Of Us, Demon’s Souls, Final Fantasy HD, Persona, God Of War, Gran Turismo and many more. There were many good exclusives on the PS3 from Motorstorm to Heavy Rain-I expect this to continue on the PS4.

I should be fair to the PS4 launch lineup, Killzone: Shadowfall looks as though it may only be bettered by Battlefield 4. Planetside 2 and War Of Thunder should make launch. Infamous: Second Son is a game that has been covered much and while it won’t make launch, it looks to be a worthy purchase.

-Sony <3 Indie Developers: Gaming looks to shift to newer more imaginative constructs namely free-to-play and Indie gaming. Games such as Planetside 2 and Minecraft are the shining examples of these models. But some of the Indie games coming to the PS4 looks very creative and imaginative. Octodad, Outlast, Flower are just to name a few. Indie games may not boast blockbusting qualities but they retain the creative and thematic aspects of gaming that immerse us into them in the first place.

-The Price: This is the main reason. Despite the Microsoft’s attempts to reinvent the Xbox over the past 6 months, the price is still a big factor. Getting bang for your buck is what PS4 gamers will see. Playstation Plus, no enforced paywall, no day one patch remiving unnecessary DRM-the PS4 is a console for gamers made by gamers. It is handy that it is cheaper than the Xbox One in all places except for Brazil oddly enough. In the UK though, the difference can be for base models £80. PS4 gamers could buy another game more credit for the PSN, maybe a controller and still have some left over.

I am excited for the PS4 and I have one down for pre-order. I know with a Sony console that not everything will come at me at once. I will be spoonfed quality over the 6/7 years before the next Playstation comes out. Both consoles are technically mostly even yet the difference in company stances, public perception and what they strive to do resides with Sony. 

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