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PS4 Limitations.

Sony released an extensive FAQ yesterday explaining some of the finer bits of detail about the PS4. We learned that the PS4 has many limitations and the potential reaction could be damaging. So, I will take you through the limitations and see what the impact of this could well be.


At E3, we saw the head of Sony Entertainment (Video and Music Unlimited) saying these services would make an appearance on the PS4. It certainly seems to be the case as the FAQ explained that the PS4 will not; support CD playback, MP3 playback, DLNA support (in which the console could stream content from a PC or media server). PS One games will not work either on the console and neither will PS3 games-some digital content may be playable.

As is the case, backwards compatibility is annoying that it has to be removed as it could very easily be incorporated. The lack of mp3 playback and audio CD playability is a blow. The PS3 was extensive as it could download mp3 files, copy files from CD’s. It seems Music and Video unlimited will hopefully cover this. We can play music in the background but only if its from a music unlimited account (which is like £10 per month).

There are other limitations such as the PS4 not supporting PS3 controllers. Peripherals such as steering wheels will be decided game to game rather than supported outright together. Game sharing on one console will still be allowed as such and up to 4 PSN users can be connected on one console.

Impact and Verdict.

In my opinion, when consoles restrict access to things that could be allowed, it is sort of self greed if you ask me. CD audio discs are still widely used in circulation. PS3 games such as Gran Turismo 6 and The Last Of Us will still be supported well into 2014-why not use this functionality?

But the lack of audio CD support and MP3 is criminal. I believe Sony-however long it will take will allow functionality back. MP3 is one thing but audio CD support? The DLNA support is a blow as many took advantage of the streaming capabilities of the PS3. Video functionality was not fully disclosed in the FAQ so in theory-you could play digital movie files on the PS4 (hopefully). For gamers that use consoles as their gaming hub will perhaps find themselves slightly more restricted.

So, the verdict is that these are mostly silly and Sony want gamers at first to be part of their services. They have done some very generous discounts in the past and the services are not all that bad. That said, your own MP3’s etc should be allowed-its pretty strange why it is not. Some gamers will cancel pre-orders but this compared to the second hand restrictions of the Xbox 1 is not as bad or severe. So, keep your pre-orders, enjoy the games that come out and I am sure that Sony will fix this. If not, its pretty silly but hey-still have my PS3 for that.

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