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PSP and PSVita hidden tricks.

Sony do like to proclaim its features on all of their platforms. With the two portables though, some are hidden in plain sight or quite simply just not mentioned. Some of these features are quite nifty while others raise the question of why…


-While turning on the PSP (fully, not from standby), hold the R button at the same time to bring up a debug recovery menu. In that menu, battery power can be extended while decreasing its life span. WMA tracks can be enabled. Flash player can also be enabled and toggle other settings like boosting UMD speed etc.

-With both Vita+PSP, remote play gives you access to PS3 so the console is streamed to the handheld. While not overly useful, the main draw is that PS1 games and films can be played/viewed on the handheld within a small proximity (further by wi-fi but sort of troublesome). PS1 games works well on both of the handhelds especially when someone else occupies the TV so a chance to play Final Fantasy or MGS.

-Having a PS3 acts as storage hub and simple connectivity with the handhelds. Essential if you download digital games and looking for a secure HDD to store it on.

-You can be playing a game that your friend does not have (eg MGS: Portable Ops) but with game sharing, you can share a small multiplayer session with your friend ideally in the same room to have a quick bash rather than going online.


-Custom soundtracks (your music) can be played while playing games. Simply play a song then press the home button and open a game from the central hub while your song(s) are played.

-The vast amount of people nowadays have a smartphone and that can have a useful effect. On wi-fi settings on your phone, select “tethering” to make your phone a 3g hotspot and despite being clunky, the Vita can connect to this in the absence of 3g versions or on train journeys.

-In game screenshots can be taken in any game. Hold the home button down in any particular moment on the game of your choosing and a screenshot can be taken.

-Downloaded a PSP game before? PSP games purchased digitally from PSN can be played on the Vita. That’s not all. The controls can be customised. Tap down on the touchscreen which will bring a small list of options, one of them will be controls and you can enable the right stick for camera use in which many many…too many PSP games where in need off.

These are very few tricks but there are many more out there. Any tips or tricks you know about that has not been mentioned? Comment with your tips and tricks…

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