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PSP Go vs. iPhone 3GS – Competition Time?

PSP Go vs. iPhone 3GS

We have had a number of great announcements for the portable gaming world recently – the first came in the form of the third generation of iPhone, the iPhone 3GS.  The second announcement came at the E3 Conference in the form of Sony’s PSP Go, the next generation in the PSP evolution.

Granted, the iPhone wasn’t launched as a portable gaming console but we all know that it has now managed to carve a name for itself in the community!  It has become a casual gaming legend due to the fact that has access to hundred of free gaming apps from the AppStore.

However, this isn’t the only thing that Apple have managed to cram into their iPhone – the unit also has the power to make phone calls, surf the web, play music and videos and much, much more – it’s a multimedia legend that can do almost anything….


So the portable gaming market is under threat from these touch screen beauties – in response Nintendo launched their DSi.  It’s hardly a threat for the iPhone…all we are getting for our money is a lame download feature, a couple of poor cameras and a slightly slimmer body.

Nintendo haven’t really proven to be ready to move into the future – it’s time for Sony to step up to the plate.  And they have done so with the launch of their latest portable gaming console, the PSP Go.

The PSP Go is set to take on the iPhone and put it back in its place as a Smartphone, and not a gaming console.  The PSP Go is going to remind the iPhone and all of it’s users what mobile gaming is and that they should get too ahead of themselves.

Downloadable Content

The PSP Go is going to be turning to downloadable content like Apple’s iPhone with the AppStore and the DSi with DSiWare.  However, unlike DSiWare, Sony are planning to have a hundred releases ready when the console launches in October – Nintendo have failed on the download front and look like they don’t even care any more with a handful or boring titles.

The PSP Go is going to be kitted out with 16GB worth of space which is obviously reminiscent of the first two generations of iPhone, however, the new member of the family is going to be boosted to 32GB of capacity leaving the poor PSP Go as a has-been before it has even hit the market.

In the end it will now come down to quality of games and gaming experience – the PSP Go surely can’t fail here as it already looks like it will be a great experience in a little bundle of portable fun.

What do you think?

Do you think the PSP Go will remind the iPhone of its place?  Is the PSP Go going to be a success?  Let us know…

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