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PSP2 – sooner than we think?

It’s coming…the PSP 2 is on its way.  News is buzzing around the Internet waves that Sony, the developer of the PSP, has recently guaranteed the use of Imagination Technologies’s graphics processors.  What does this mean to you and me?  It means that you might be seeing a sparkly, new PSP 2 in shops sooner than you think.

The news comes as Imagination Technlogies released a statement claiming that it would be working with “a major international consumer electronics company”.  According to EETimes Europe, they’re talking about Sony.

The UK company, Imagination Technologies, is a developer of graphics processor cores and has recently released the POWERVR SGX GPU.  Mean anything to you?  Me neither…but Imagination Technologies say this about their processor;

“The POWERVR SGX graphics IP core family provides a powerful and flexible solution for all forms of next-generation embedded multimedia processing, including 3D, 2D and vector graphics, advanced anti-aliasing and image processing.”

However, Sony are refusing to comment on the claims and rumours, surely aiming to keep any development about their new baby PSP 2 silent and away from competitor and market leader, Nintendo.  Sony have stated that the news is pure “rumour and speculation”, however, although no names were released, EETimes claim that they have sourced the company back to Apple who uses Imagination Technologies graphics in their iPhones.

But is it really time for the PSP 2 to be released.  Sony has only just brought us the PSP 3000, an attempt to battle their rivals, Nintendo and their touch screen beauty, the DS.  The PSP 3000 has been met with mixed reaction, as the only real difference in the 3000 and the original is the brighter screen on the newer model and a built in microphone has been stuck on to match.  These features don’t exactly make me want to ditch my PSP and rush out to spend a load of money on the upgrade.

However, it is starting to attract a lot of attention, and not just for the PSP as a console but for Sony’s Playstation 3 at the same time.  As Nintendo once ruled the coop without doubt, Sony are crawling their way back in to the race and with a solid run of great games being released on the PSP it’s looking at its best year to date.  Unfortunately though for Sony, the gap between the two developers is still quite large and where Sony have managed to fill 11 million gamers hands with their PSP, Nintendo have done the same to 24 million gamers.

Once again though we have to look at the software successes of each console in order to judge their impact on the general public.  Nintendo have managed to notch up a massive 20 separate games selling by the millions, where Sony have only been able to provide 3 games that have sold at such high levels.  It’s clear that if Sony plan on stepping up, as they would clearly be doing by releasing a PSP 2, then they have to focus more on the software than they have proven they have done in the past.  Still, let’s hope we see the PSP 2 soon!

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