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PS Vita: After The Dust Has Settled.

The PSVita has been extremely well received by critics but that does not seem to pull the consumers in. Despite the whole raft of potential demonstrated by the new Playstation portable it still needs some “umpf.” A great line up that included Uncharted, WipEout, Fifa, Motorstorm and Rayman were all well received, sold fairly well at first but that early surge has now seemingly passed. Since launch, Unit 13 has only been released on the Vita with any significance and that suffered from its own share of issues getting average reviews.

Even in Japan where they live, breath and play games- the Vita manages to sell around 10,000 units a week at best. Compare that to its closest rival the 3DS which averages over 60,000 units. Sony cannot simply sit on their potential of the machine despite there being so much of it. The games that are in store for the Vita may help change that. Resistance: Burning Skies, Little Big Planet Vita and a Killzone title all in store. For the playstaion bred gamers, that will come as good news. To see some of the more successful games that appeared on the Playstation 3 transferred to a handheld will be welcome.

Yet to many, some of the better games seems to be alien to most. The 3DS boasts not so much technological proficiency but the handheld certianly has the games that will keep gamers coming back to it. The likes of Mario, Pokemon, Kid Icarus and Zelda all making an appearance within its first year of release. So what does the Vita need then? Looking at the PSP, its success lies in Japan where it continues to outsell the Vita. The most successful titles on the PSP were the likes of Monster Hunter which looks like it will also be heading to the 3DS. Here are the games I think it needs as well as other things.

– A Monster Hunter. For the Japanese market, it is a must.

-A proper western RPG. Skyrim or The Witcher on a smaller scale.

-Final Fantasy.

-Gran Turismo.

-A price drop universally. It is still pricey for a traditional portable gaming device.

-Bigger memory cards. Current maximum size is 32gb but that needs to be topping 100gb at the very least.

Some of this will come in time and time needs to be given to the Vita. Nintendo has had both palms on the handheld market since the 90’s and despite Sony’s efforts, it looks to continue yet given the technological potential of the Vita, could that change?

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