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PSVita Hardware Preview

The PSVita, possibly one of the most anticipated console releases in the history of gaming thus far is nearly upon the west. Launching firmly in the middle of next week (Wednesday 22nd), it will be intriguing to see how the technological behemoth will be received via the consuming market. Despite being visibly apparent that its hardware is much more powerful and advanced than smartphone as well as the DS, there is a worry that this won’t make the slightest dint in the market. The console itself is sound. Boasting a 5 inch OLED HD screen as well as being touchscreen, dual analogue sticks, a rear touch screen (cue…ooooooh) there is no doubt that the power is there. But as with any console is the games. Does the Vita have the games though?

Recommended Launch games

Uncharted: Golden Abyss- The King of Sony at this present moment in time, Nathan Drake has befriended critics and a vast amount of consumers alike with tales of desperado plundering from the depths of ancient history. This prequel is no different. Critics at this moment in time have rejoiced in its glorious visuals and keeping in tone with the console iterations. The main critique is that the game is not fully translated from a home console to a handheld with the same brilliance. Despite this, Uncharted looks to be the main pacesetter early on and looks highly recommended.

WipEout: 2048- Another popular Playstation name. WipEout HD (2008) was quite a brilliant maligned racer with superb visuals and a strong online backing. 2048 keeps up the tradition of superb visuals but the limited online is a concern as well as the length. One thing that is guaranteed though is that it translates superbly to handhelds (WipEout Pure+Pulse PSP 2005+2007). Still what has been confirmed is that WipEout HD is available through cross play with 2048 and I mean and…WipEout HD+Fury DLC is free with 2048 through the store. Need I say more…?

Rayman Origins- The dark horse of the launch titles while also quite possibly being modestly recommended. Appearing on consoles late last year, it was well received with particular praise to its artistic style as well as traditional gameplay originating to the first release. This is the same game minus multiplayer but still the same brilliance, visuals in glorious HD- Rayman seems to not be lost in translation.

These three will most likely be the most evident of the quality of launch hardware available. As well as these, Fifa Soccer, Super Stardust Delta and Escape Plan also seem to be highly recommended. For a full PSVita review, it will be up in arms next week….in glorious HD.

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