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Has the PS Vita finally lived up to its potential?

The PS Vita is without doubt the best handheld gaming device made. The problem for the past year and a half since the Vita’s EU release has been according to many the lack of games available. Couple that with the system’s security-it has not been hacked yet unlike the PSP which was opened with ease and people may be unwilling to dish out on an expensively assembled handheld. However, in recent months the platform has gained immense momentum and now that a price drop has been announced. Let’s assess what is good about the platform.

Games: The PS Vita has better games than the DS and mobile phones-that much is certain. However, its high price point and lack of casual-lite games that are seen on the DS and mobile phones has hurt it somewhat. But, with Soul Sacrifice, Persona 4, Uncharted, Wipeout, Gravity Rush, Killzone Mercenary and Final Fantasy; the handheld looks ever more desirable. There are also a slew of indie games available from the PS store and Minecraft has been announced this week also. Those that say there aren’t any games should look again and to what is also coming to the platform.

Functions: The PS Vita has been recently announced as a companion to the PS4 in which it can play any PS4 game streamed through wi-fi. So imagine Watch Dogs and Planetside 2 in the palm of your hands. It’s a brilliant feature especially if you share a television with a partner making gaming more convenient. It is a shame that this was not implemented with the PS3 as The Last Of Us would have been excellent for the Vita.

Prices: No Vita game has exceeded £40 yet. High Street retailers will charge you close to that or £30-still reasonable by all accounts. Killzone Mercenary, released in 13 days time is available on Amazon for £25. There is of course PS+ which will guarantee at least 2 free Vita games a month. The Vita itself at the moment is close to £200 in price. With the announced price drop, it should see the handheld drop to £150. Considering the features and wealth of content for the handheld, it is a worthy investment.

Future: The Vita will gain more momentum when the PS4 releases. Killzone Mercenary is a big big game for the Vita and from the beta impressions, it does not disappoint. Minecraft and FFX HD are the other big games incoming. I’m sure with this added momentum, the Vita will see success. I personally don’t think it will be as successful as the DS but the Vita is certainly becoming much more accessible and gamer friendly.

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