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Qt Jambi – for high-end affluent client applications

Qt Jambi – the finest Java development frame work integrating cross-platform of Trolltech allows Java developers to generate rich client applications for better performance. It includes integrated development tools and comprehensive class library for client applications which dramatically increases the efficacy of Java development.

It is built on C++ framework that includes functions for GUI development, database, networking, XML, multi-threading and much more. It is very easy to learn integrated development tools and Qt Jambi’s development API.  To understand Qt Jambi, you need to study the GUI framework which is widget based and can create projects using Qt Designer.

A comparison of Java event’s listener framework with signals, slots of Qt. Jambi event handling mechanism is also very important. There is a need for first hand information of graphics rendering system of Qt Jambi to appreciate how it gets integrated with Eclipse via Eclipse plug-in of Qt Jambi.

It is very easy to download Qt Jambi.  It is offered in commercial license/ dual open source and the version can be downloaded from Trolltech homepage. GNU General Public License provides open-source version without warranty or support. Commercial version of Qt Jambi should be used for commercial projects.  While creating Qt Jambi Java desktop applications, 2D & 3D Graphics get excellent cross-platform.

Qt Jambi is a unique and specialized inter-object communication mechanism. The additional features are SQL data base access and internationalization. There is also a support for the TCP/IP network protocols and support for XML. Qt Jambi APIs can be intermingled with non Qt Java APIs. Overall, we can say that Qt Jambi gives the freedom and litheness to slot in Java and C++ components into a solo project.

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