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Really Plain And Simple FUN iPhone Games – Part 3

iPhone Gaming – If you wanna have some fun…Part 3

iPhone games are either fun or boring – we don’t care about the boring ones, we only want to focus on the fun ones that you should be playing.  So far we’ve checked out some of the more fun games you should be trying, and today we’re going to finish off the list with these last 4 additions.


Imagine Bejeweled and then make it harder – you’ve got Trism.  If you thought Bejeweled was addictive then you won’t be able to put Trism down.  You can tilt the puzzles using the iPhone’s motion sensors and the game is filled with more complex possibilities than its more popular cousin.

However, with complexity do we really receive more fun?  If you can figure the game out then yes you’ll be getting more fun.  If you can’t get your head round it then no it’ll be an annoying experience.

Being able to change the way the game works by moving the phone to change the way the triangles fall can either make you love the game or hate it – if you like puzzles then this is definitely going to supply you with the fun you’re looking for.


As addictive word games go, this one can pretty much run off with the crown – Wurdle supplies you with a 5 x 5 grid of letters in which you have to join up the letters to make words.

You are given a very generous 12 minutes to create as many words as possible – the game is full of possibilities so you can be pretty sure if the word exists in the grid then you’ll be able to create it.  However, even in 12 minutes you won’t be able to find ever word…isn’t that part of the fun though?


This strategy game is incredibly easy but immensely challenging – a winner in our books.  You have to conquer planets by dragging ships towards them – each planet is kitted out with a number that explains how many ships are needed to conquer said planet.

The games are short and thus fast paced – thinking is a thing of the past, you have to seriously make it up as you go along otherwise you’ll lose out.

Lux Touch

If you like Risk then you’ll love this game – in fact you’ll love this game if you’ve ever wanted to dominate the world…

Funnily enough you aren’t allowed to save a game and come back to it later, but if you’ve got a spare 20 minutes then you won’t need to, just play.  The aim of the game is to take land and build your forces in a turn-based atmosphere – you have to think about invading as well as defending providing hours of fun at your fingertips…

Having fun?

What do you think about our fun games list for the iPhone?  Are you having fun playing games on the iPhone?  Let us know…

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