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Really Plain & Simple FUN iPhone Games – Part 2

iPhone Gaming – If you wanna have some fun…Part 2

Yesterday we pledged to bring you a list of some of the most fun games available for the iPhone platform – as we discussed the really fun games aren’t given enough attention and we want you to be aware of everything out there that you should be having a go at…

In that light let’s carry on our list – if riding around in a car full of jelly, creating words and stacking angry shapes wasn’t your cup of tea then perhaps one of the fun games below is going to bring your day a bit of happiness…

Cube Runner

Basic doesn’t always mean lame!  In fact some of the most basic, and simple, games are quite often the best out there!  Cube Runner is one of those games that manages to stay simple yet utterly addictive.

You are the pilot of a ship that you must navigate around a world of (you guessed it) cubes and obviously avoid everything in your path.  You use the iPhone’s magical motion sensors to tilt your ship around the cubes.

You’re only goal in the game is to stay alive for as long as possible and build up a high score which you can then brag about to your mates.  Surely the best goal for a game in the world?

Tap Defense

As the name suggests you have to defend yourself in the game – you set up your preparations and then try and hold out against the attacking bad guys.  Although pretty stressful, the game is highly fun!

The waves of attacks obviously get stronger with every event, meaning you have to evolve your defences each time – the fun may not last forever with this game, but you’ll have a good time for the first few hours.

One of the downfalls of the game is the waiting – once you buy and place your defences you have to wait and see what happens – if you haven’t been successful you lose.  You feel helpless, which isn’t always a nice feeling…


Imagine Worms for old-skoolers…this turn-based game is classic fun on the iPhone.  You fight against four other tanks on the screen and you basically have to blow the hell out of them before they get the chance to do the same to you.

You get to upgrade your weapons between rounds which is a nice little feature to keep the game different minute to minute.  You use the iPhone’s touch screen capabilities to aim so the game isn’t too difficult, you can just focus on the fun times…

Don’t forget about the wind that hopes to undermine you at every turn and don’t get too distracted by the 2D layout – it’s all good fun!

Having fun?

What do you think of the fun iPhone games on our list so far?  What iPhone games do you play for fun?  Leave us a comment…

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