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Retro Games Or Modern Gaming, The Choice Is Yours

Donkey KongOver the last couple of years we have seen the relaunch of a number of retro game classics such as Donkey Kong, Pac-man and other similar games from 20 or 30 years ago. While the mobile gaming sector in the UK has moved on in leaps and bounds over the last few years it seems that many people are looking towards the old classics for their fun, with many looking for something a little different. So are we seeing a major shift in fashion or a short term blip for the newer games of today?

The problem with mobile gaming at the moment is the size of the screen and the lack of graphics capabilities, compared to the Playstations, Xboxes and Wiis of today. This fact more than any other seems to have pushed more and more mobile gaming users towards the retro era where graphics were not too hot, speed was relatively slow and the games depended upon themes and challenges for their popularity. A step back to the olden days which many younger users of today would not have experienced.

While the quality of mobile gaming is improving each year there is still progress to be made before it will be anywhere near the standard which gamers expect. In the meantime it seems that many people are prepared to sample the rewritten delights of games from yesteryear, the games which we all hear about but maybe never had the pleasure of playing. What a change they are for those quick trigger gaming junkies of today, where speed means everything and the graphics are often better than real life!

Hopefully these re-released older games will not vary too much from the originals because that would put them in the same group as today’s new mobile phone games. Retro gaming is all about a step back in time, a time when speeds were slower and life as a gamer was more sedate.

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