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Seven Superb Mobile Games

There have been countless mobile gaming units released over the past twenty years, from Game Gears and Game Boys to DSs, PSPs and even iPhones.

It’s unusual for a hand-held unit to come without games in its arsenal these days.

Here are seven of the very best mobile games.


One of the best games ever to hit mobile phones (like the classic Nokia 3210), Snake was as revolutionary and popular as Tetris. Snake took mobile phones to a new level, showing people that they could be used for more than just making phone calls. Guide the snake to the pellets (?), ever increasing its length. Be careful not to make it bite itself, as it will die!

The Secret of Monkey Island

Monkey Island will be a name that brings back great memories for gamers of all ages, no matter which format it was played on (and it has been released on a lot of formats). The iPhone is the latest home for this ever popular game, which, as usual, sees Guybrush Threepwood finding his way through the point-and-click world.


You’ll struggle to find anyone throughout the world who hasn’t either heard of, or played, Tetris. One of the most addictive games ever created, Tetris will be most familiar to Game Boy owners. Guide the different shapes to the bottom of the column, make a solid line for it to disappear and continue in the same vain.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Another Game Boy game to take the world by storm was The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Released in 1993, it quickly built up a strong reputation and loyal, cult fanbase. Guide Link through his small town, meeting strange characters, and a host of comical chickens!

Pac-Man Collection

Game Boy Advance games designers didn’t get their creativity bonus for this one. Pac-Man has long been a classic and favourite amongst gamers of all ages. Guide the yellow head (?) around the mazes, feeding him dots (??) and keeping him away from the ghosts.

Pokemon Ruby

Makers at Game Boy Advance were well aware they were onto a hit after seeing the sales sheets reaching record levels. With ten million units sold and $300 million made in revenue, using Game Boy Advance as a platform for Pokemon seems a great idea. Don’t forget, gotta catch ‘em all!

Super Mario 64 DS

Nintendo DS makers knew they could rely on one of the most important and best games ever made to sell their console, and Super Mario 64 didn’t disappoint. The unusual format for Mario 64 didn’t disappoint the hoards of users who bought it and took advantage of the touch screen technological advancements.

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