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Sharp Docomo SH-12C

Shafkat Shahzad - Senior Technical Content ManagerThe article will educate a user about Sharp Docomo SH-12C’s functionality and features.

The phone runs Android 2.3 OS and features a 1.4GHz single core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255T processor, 2GB of storage, 512MB of system memory, 4.2″ Aquos display (540×960) that supports 3D (without special glasses) and a 3D camera that is capable of making 3D pictures and shooting 3D HD video (1024×720).

The phone has an 8MPix CMOS stereo camera with two eyes. It can make 3D photos and videos that a user can view on his/her TV via the micro HDMI slot but for that a user will need 3D glasses to view 3D contents unless a user has a TV featuring same “glassless” technology.

The phone’s dimensions are 127?64?11.9 mm / 5×2.52×0.47 in and it weighs in 138 g / 4.87 oz. The back panel reveals the battery, the SIM and the SD card slots when removed as well as the relatively loud mono speaker.

Docomo SH-12C uses the proprietary Aquos matrix. The phone has a 4.2″ screen with the resolution of 540×960. The screen is capacitive and it supports multitouch.

3D Mode
The phone creates two separate images with one eye getting its own. A user can simply test this by closing left or right eye in turn. In every case a user will be able to see a beautiful and clear picture. If a user uses both eyes, then he/she will see the two images combined due to different angles of both eyes and the complicated mechanics of the 3D image formation.

Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth
The handset has all standard communication capabilities and it’s 802.11 b/g/n protocol is supported. USB 2 helps to charge the phone and Bluetooth 3.0 deals with all modern protocols including files transfer

An 8 MP CMOS camera offers standard features. A user can switch on to 3D shooting by simply pressing a dedicated button on the screen, which activates the second lens. The autofocus is available for both modes (2D/3D).

Camera resolution
• 2448?3264
• 1944?2592
• 1536?2048
• 1080?1920
• 1200?1600
• 540?960
• 480?640
• 240?320

Video resolution
• 1280?720
• 540?960
• 480?640
• 240?320

Menu and Interface
Docomo SH-12C can operate with a Cyrillic keypad. In Docomo SH-12C there is a proprietary TapFlow Ui interface. Processor and memory are enough for “heavy” games and Mkv

The start screen can work both in 2D and 3D. If a user wants to switch between modes then he/she can simply use an icon in the bottom left hand corner. If a user turns the phone 90 degrees the screen will automatically go into 3D mode.

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