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Sky Join Up With Sony

Sky and the PSPNews that we will have a very interesting addition to the PSP Go! Series of branded services has been well received by the markets. Sky have joined forced with Sony to offer their content services on the PSP under the brand name Go!View. While PSP users already have access to Go!Cam and Go!Messenger, what does the addition of Go!View mean for you, the consumer?

While news of the service was not totally unexpected, as it had been mentioned last year, nobody quite knew how it would breakdown and exactly how it would work. To be honest we are still very much in the dark although we do know that the service will be subscription or pay-per-view and will be administered from the Sky website. After content has been paid for it will be made available on the Sky website for download via your PC to your PSP (this is perhaps one of the drawbacks to the system but not a major problem).

PSP users will be able to access the full range of Sky channels and Sky content via their PSP screens, making this potentially the ultimate portable TV player. The fact that the service can be played on the move is something of a bonus compared to other content delivery systems on the market, but it seems that each and every content provider are looking to increase their choice of delivery system.

Finally we are starting to see the much heralded merger of the content and content delivery systems which had been expected for years. Increases in technology, better broadband connectivity and a greater level of acceptance from the consumer have seen the alternative content delivery sector spring to life.

This is the latest in a long line of news flow and we can expect more in the not too distant future – this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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