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So…Call Of Duty….

Yes, that title can prove to be frustrating and at the same time a source of conversation. Yes that game released this week and yes it made $500 million on its first day and yes it will most likely kick MW3 first week sales. Having only briefly sampled Black Ops 2, I cannot deliver a verdict and to be quite frank it looks not too dissimilar to Black Ops albeit I only sampled multiplayer. Peel back the internet pages of Black Ops 2 and you will find that a spin off released on the PS Vita this week called Call Of Duty: Black Ops declassified and no I have not sampled that either. However what I have seen are some very discouraging reviews.

Again its another rant about the PS Vita. Its a great machine blah blah…you get the rest. This is not good news however for the Vita whether I am impartially in favour of the handheld or not- neutrally this spells trouble (and no I won’t spell it out- read!).  Trouble was afoot when Nihilistic were announced as the developers of the game- they also made potentially the biggest disappointment of the year Resistance: Burning Skies. Even so, that got some good and average reviews…along with its 2/3/4 out of 10’s. My score personally would be a more favourable 6…kinda crappy but the decent half arsed playable kind but I’m a massive fan of Resistance oh my God how could you do that to the franchise kind? Yes. All in one breath.

Is it really that hard then to make an FPS on a console quality handheld? 2 cases in point and 1 developer, it seems so. If Insomniac and Treyarch took the reins then I am teeny weeny 99.9999999% sure it would be better. Why have they fled away from further expansion of these established franchises onto the handhelds? If they made them good they would have been remembered and sales would come in and Sony would be like- actually Jack Tretton would be like..yeah we have good solid FPS running like on a console but portable baby…(he may not say that but sounds good though).

Do I and should anyone sympathise for Nihilistic? Probably. At around 8 months development time on COD that surely is not enough to make a AAA game. Irony is that Nihilistic or now retiring “in their prime” from console development to mobile. Who do I have sympathy for? Jack Tretton. He stood on that stage at E3 and sounded so pleasured at the thought of COD on the Vita. Maybe he envisioned shooting noobs in the face on the loo- who knows. What I do know is now that he looks like an ass for saying COD, Vita and AAA in the same sentence. Also Sony for allowing a great franchise of games Resistance be pulled down to mediocrity thanks to Nihilistic. Well from Cameron and Jugaccino, good luck and glad to see the back of you.

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