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So Who Owns The Java Technology Platform?

JAVAWhile JAVA has become one of the most powerful programming languages in the world, do you know who brought the system to the world? Who owns it? Or its potential value?

For those who do not already know, the JAVA technology platform is owned by Sun Microsystems Incorporated although there have been numerous court battles over the years with many other parties claiming some kind of ownership rights. Using an array of clever licensing deals and product development, Sun Microsystems has been able to keep JAVA at the forefront of the cross-platform communications market ensuring that JAVA is present in millions of electronic devices all around the world in some form or other.

While it would be wrong to say that the JAVA platform has made Sun Microsystems what it is today, there is no doubt that JAVA has more than played its part. Sun Microsystems is currently valued at just under $13 billion, and while not necessarily one of the largest in the IT sector it still reported turnover of nearly $14 billion in 2007, and a net profit of $473 million.

Many people may be a little surprised to learn that JAVA was only created back in 1990, and it did not even hit the World Wide Web until 1994, when it was introduced as part of the webs first graphical browser, Mosaic. Since those early days when it became apparent that it was the leading system in cross-platform communications, JAVA has gone from strength to strength. It is routinely present in the vast majority of mobile phones in the market today, and many online applications will make use of JAVA Applets at some stage.

JAVA is now an integral part of the electronics industry and the World Wide Web, and while it now comes in many shapes and forms, each of the variations can be traced back to those 1990 brainstorming sessions at Sun Microsystems!

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