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Something a Bit Different – £5 Bingo

We Played Bingo and Only Spent £5 – Thank God!

It’s been a long while since our last posting, but we thought write something that is along the lines of a very different type of gaming – online bingo! So why have we chosen to write an article about bingo, something which is considered a bit of a ladies game? Well, the reason is simple – my girlfriend loves it so I thought I’d give it a go and thought I’d write down my experiences.

There is no doubt that a large of number of online bingo sites are aimed at women. They mainly tend to have colours which are pastels and often very flowery and on the whole – very girly! But to my surprise there were a number of other males also playing the game, I couldn’t believe. I won’t lie to you when I say that I found it a bit boring. You start by joining one of hundreds of websites – you are really are spoilt for choice. Also, one other thing I noticed is that many all run the same types of software, but at the end of the day, bingo is bingo, so what the hell. So there I was, signed up to a bingo site and all ready to roll.

I chose to join a deposit £5 get £25 free bingo site, which seemed fair enough to me. I didn’t really want to spend all that much so this was a pretty good solution for me. I then jumped right in a chose a bingo room at random on the site I’d joined. There was already a game in progress so I clicked on about 6 different bingo cards and waited. While waiting I noticed there were slot games to play so I had a quick dabble and spun some slots while waiting. My girlfriend tells me this is quite a common thing, but initially it did surprise me as I thought I’d joined an online bingo site and not somewhere to play to casino games. Anyway, I digress. Once the game got underway it was pretty boring. Numbers were called and in the room there is a chat box, and the moderator was doing there best to whip everyone up into a frenzy of fun and activity. But in reality, watching a load of numbers appear on the screen is a bit boring. A few of those in the chat room were getting involved and telling all the other players just what numbers they were hoping would come next. Unfortunately for them and me, the numbers never appeared.

So how did I spend my £5 that I’d invested? Well, I bought some more bingo tickets, but did not sit watching the fun(!) unfold! Instead I chose to buy them for a jackpot game and left it. I then did want any man who has any street cred would do next – I went back to playing yet more casino style games. Playing roulette and other slot games was a damn site more fun that watching a load of numbers appear on the screen.

So really, I have no idea why my girlfriend does it. I guess its for the ‘female banter’ she has in the chat room and the chance to win a few pennies, but truth be told it isn’t really for me. I’m just glad I chose a £5 bingo site so I wasn’t left to disappointed with the banter and lack of winnings!

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