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Sony E3 Preview

June- the month in Britain that the hot sweltering weather seems to appear at its best on the calendar. This year in particular we have the Jubilee and the European Football Championships to look forward too. Another big event is happening in the world of gaming and its the premiere gaming event of the year- E3 Entertainment Expo held in Los Angeles. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will all be showcasing its future games as well as some future hardware- possibly.

First off, Sony. Sony generally do well at E3 (if you ignore 2006 quote “Ridge Racerrrrrrrrrrrr” and that crappy Warhawk sixth axis demo). In the past few years, Sony have had solid foundations of showing first party and some third party exclusives as well as the portable offerings for the PSP and more recently the Vita.

This year could be very different. The big rumour at the moment is Sony teaming up with Gaikai to deliver some form of instant game streaming. At first sight, this is a very fanciful rumour and one that requires much process into as many onlookers would argue instant game console streaming may well be too early. Yet in January, Gaikai held a conference meeting discussing the possibility of console streaming with one of the big three console makers. This until E3 should be taken with a large handful of salt.

What will be certain is some of the games on show for Sony. You can bet your money on God of War: Ascension, Little Big Planet: Karting, The Last of us and Little Big Planet Vita. These have already been announced and shown but rumours are beginning to build on Guerilla games new title (Killzone developer). After the end of the third game, there could well be a 4th but for this gen? Who knows….

Finally, the fantastic Playstation Plus service may well be getting something big. Sony’s premium online service for £40 a year entitles owners to at the very least 12 free full games, 12 downloadable free games, 12 free Playstation minis and various discounts. Yet the link to the streaming rumour may well be Plus exclusive or something similar is heading that way. Even if this does not happen, the service is worth it in just about every way.

E3 will be interesting for Sony this year. This gen, Microsoft have had the better of sales, timed exclusives and the big moving exclusives. Yet Sony have made up much ground on the Xbox and if something exclusive like a streaming service falls there way, it could go Sony’s way.

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