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Sony Ericsson Unveils F305


Sony Ericsson has today unveiled a new phone called the F305 that offers a cool feature: Motion Gaming. The F305 lets users control games with the flick of a wrist or swing of an arm – yes we will all look like idiots on the bus but it’s nice to have the option.


A definite purchase for fans of Nintendo’s Wii, the F305, using advance motion sensor technology, follows your movements to enable you to play games pre-loaded games like “bowling” or “Bass fishing” and “Jockey”. Gameloft have developed 50 more 2D and 3D games available for download at PlayNow.


Offering 8 hours of gameplay from the battery, you can also buy a power pack -‘CPP-100’, to allow you to play all through the night.


To further enhance your gaming experience, the Sony Ericsson F305 features horizontal gameplay, dedicated gaming keys and stereo speakers, and on top of all of that, the Sony Ericsson F305 offers a Memory Stick Micro slot, 2-megapixel camera and Stereo Bluetooth connectivity.

Measuring 96 by 47 by 14.6 mm and weighing 97.5 grams, the Quad-band GSM/EDGE enabled Sony Ericsson F305 will be released in Europe in the third quarter of 2008 in a choice of ‘Polar’ White or ‘Mystic’ Black. So far we don’t know how much it costs. The Power Pack accessory will be available a few months after the handset is released.


Sadly the handset uses EDGE rather than 3G, but such is life.

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