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Sony – PSP 2 just ain’t gonna happen…

If you had your heart set on one day playing on a PSP 2, then I’m sorry to tell you, it’s just not going to happen.  And that’s not only me saying it…I’m backed up by Sony.  This is what Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s President David Reeves had to say on the matter, (just in case you had any doubts)… “No, there are currently no plans for a PSP2. I go to Tokyo quite a lot and no one has referred to it — I think they have their hands full at the moment.”

There you have it.  Not a chance.  They’re too busy fighting off Nintendo to have time to worry about bringing out the PSP 2.  Reeves has even gone as far as to slightly attack the PSP, claiming that it had one big problem…the games are not that good!

“Its weakness, however, is its software. And that’s because developers, when it comes to placing their bets, have to choose PS3 and 360, then Wii, then DS, maybe even PS2 before PSP. It’s the same at our internal studios, where the focus has been on PS3. They’ve also focused a lot on PS2 as well because we have to get the SingStars out for that format. So PSP games will come — they just take a while longer.”

Check out the Nintendo DS.  Nintendo have sold so many consoles partially because the games really promote themselves to every person in every walk of life.  There is always going to be a game on the DS that will interest someone.  Take Brain Training.  It’s fun, interesting and does exactly what it says on the tin, and it attracts gamers and non-gamers from all walks of life.  That is where the PSP has fallen short and that is subsequently why the PSP is no match for the high selling, chart topping Nintendo DS.

“We just launched the PSP-3000 so we are still focused on this generation of the platform.” Reeves said.

However, even though Reeves himself has been slating the software choices available for the PSP, we are still watching the PSP outselling both the PS2 and the PS3 in the United States since August.  Quite an impressive feat seeing as the PSP doesn’t come with a Blu-Ray player pre-installed.

“The PSP is as successful in numbers as PS2 – it tracks its numbers in a cumulative basis,” Reeves went on to say.  The whole announcement that the PSP 2 is not going to happen makes me think that they want to take the PSP to the limit and squeeze every penny they can out of it, and sure, that is what business and Capitalism is all about.  But what about the average gamer who has had the PSP for 3 years or so and just wants to get his little twitching hands on a new PSP 2…Sony doesn’t seem to care.

So what have we got to look forward to in the future?  According to Sony we have to watch as they try and bring better games to the console.  Whoopy doo…

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