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Sony PSP Losing the War


Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’s Worldwide Studios CEO has let everyone in to a little secret we knew all along; PSP is in trouble.


Although he recognises the undeniable success of PSP in Japan this year, he was happy to point out that the global electronics giant is really struggling to gain a foothold in Europe.


“It’s too early to make judgements – we know there’s a lot more that we can do, and with the massive growth of the industry we understand that third-party publishers have so many choices, many more than they have resources. Sometimes we struggle to convince them to put more resources into the PSP.

All fair and well, but he seems to slip up somewhat with his next statement:

“But when they really focus on what they can do with the platform, there are still lots of good business opportunities that are still viable, and will continue to be, because there are no competing platforms.”


No competing platforms? Mr Yoshida seems to believe that because DS is ‘just’ a success in the casual market; it means the console that has doubled as a handy paperweight in my office – the PSP, is doing well.


“Because we’ve always thought that the PSP as a platform is standing on its own – there’s no direct competition, although some people think that the DS is its rival simply because it’s portable, but the positioning and the main user base are totally different”, he said




Its clear to see that Sony are suffering from delusions of grandeur, the classic – were aiming at a different market, so your massive sales and popularity don’t count’ line is not going to work with Mr A Punter.

If Sony’s PSP wants to stand a chance, it needs to approach all demographics of gamers. Gone are the day’s when just be-spectacled nerds were the only ones playing games. Look at the amount of advertising Nintendo DS does, with some pretty big celebrities to entice girls, mums and readers of OK magazine (a completely different breed altogether), along with a vast selection of games that everyone can play.


With publishers jumping ship and sales plummeting, Sony need to take their head out of the sand, or their handheld console is dead.

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