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Sony PSP passes the 50 million sales mark – Nintendo doing better though…

PSP good, DS better…

The PSP has had a rough time over the last couple of years, what with the success of the Nintendo DS, the imminent success of the Nintendo DSi (as soon as it reaches us in little old Britain) and of course the impending threat from the iPhone, making its way closer to taking on the big boys of the handheld gaming world.

So you would think that the guys at Sony would be celebrating as their PSP console passes the 50 million sales mark.  Fair play to Sony, that it a great result and they would have every right to celebrate the result, if it weren’t for Nintendo stealing all the limelight.

That’s right, once again, as soon as Sony have some good news, Nintendo has some better news – it’s as if Nintendo is Sony’s more successful younger brother.

So as Sony sell the 50 millionth PSP, Nintendo edge their way closer to doubling that number by creeping closer to their 100 millionth DS sale.

Be proud Sony, be proud…

Still Sony must remain proud, no matter what the state of the competition.  Sony have managed to sell enough consoles to have a PSP in one fifth of every British persons hands – still if you think about it, Nintendo are about to double it.

What a shame for Sony who have been taking a backseat since the introduction of the Nintendo DS.  Since then Sony has tried and failed to revolutionise the PSP by the power of tweaking, but little success has been felt compared to the DS.

Sony has released a PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000 series, but each edition was not different enough from the last to capture the hearts and minds of the gaming public.

PlayStation 2 is still doing well, too!

However, Sony aren’t just celebrating the 50 millionth sales mark for the PSP worldwide, but also for the PlayStation 2, which has just passed the 50 millionth mark in North America alone – now that’s a result in an age of High Definition and Blu-Ray.

Basically to put the PSPs success into real terms, the PSP has now outsold the likes of the XboX 360, which has sold 29 million units, the N64, which has sold 33 million units, and even the PSPs big brother the PlayStation 3 which has sold 27 million units.

The PSP has been on the market since December 2004 and enjoyed some initial success by providing the quality of PlayStation 2 games in the palm of your hand, although the DS quickly saw an end to that success by revolutionising the way handheld gaming took place.

DS or PSP?

What about you – the age-old question of DS or PSP.  Either way congrats go out to Sony for passing the 50 million mark!

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