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Sony PSP Tops List of Most Returned Gadgets

The Sony PSP has reached number one in the charts! The problem is, Sony might not want you to know about it…

Why is that, I hear you ask? Well, perhaps because the poll was conducted by My Voucher Codes, to find the most returned gadgets in the whole of the UK.

Not quite the list the manufacturers are hoping to top!

According to the results from the poll, with 6.2% returned, the Sony PSP tops the list by half a percent over Amazon’s massively hyped, if not slightly confusingly advertised, Kindle eBook reader.

Nintendo will be relieved to hear that their DS and their ‘hands-on’, ‘fun-for-all-the-family’ Wii, are nowhere to be seen in the top ten.

My Voucher codes revealed that of their survey of 1,833 people, over 40% returned their item because of “whether or not they can actually afford to keep it” (and reaching a definite no). 34% of the returns were due to “disappointment” with the product.

The relatively low price of the PSP is leading many to believe that disappointment was a large factor in its return; perhaps the PSP2 will make an early arrival to the computer-store shelves.

It is unknown which of Xbox’s 360 consoles were returned, but with the release of Microsoft’s Kinect just around the corner, it would be wise to take note that 17% of the people surveyed felt “they were often influenced to buy products based on hype.”

Sony are sure to be heartbroken by the news. With 3 of their products in the top ten list of most returned items, it’s hardly a glowing reference, is it?

Although the total figures surveys is minuscule in relation to the total global sales of gadgets, it certainly provides food for thought.

Here are the top ten returned gadgets, according to My Voucher Codes.

1.    Sony PSP – 6.2%

2.    Kindle – 5.7%

3.    Apple iPad – 4.9%

4.    Microsoft Xbox 360 – 4.8%

5.    HTC Desire phone – 4.6%

6.    iPhone 4 – 4.5%

7.    Sony Reader eBook – 4.2%

8.    TomTom satnavs – 4.1%

9.    Motorola Bluetooth headsets – 4%

10.  Sony netbooks – 4%

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