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Sports Mobile Phone Games

The article will provide a user with information on sports mobile phone games.

3D Mini Golf World Tour
In this game, a player will have to test his/her mini golf skills around the world to see just how many hole-in-ones, pars, or birdies can be achieved. A player will be able to experience the 3D graphics in this game. A player will be able to test himself/herself in 5 courses and 45 interesting tracks with amazing replay value.

Playman Summer Games 3 for Android OS
Playman Summer Games 3 comes with screen jam-packed with an un-beatable combination of track and field challenges, tournaments and 12 unique characters. There are three game modes; Challenge, Survival and Multiplayer. A player can play against superstar athletes in Challenge mode and also beat the Amateur Challenge to unlock Playman’s Pro Challenge and take Playman to the Arctic Circle for a showdown in the mysterious Survival mode. A player can also play against his/her friends or computer opponents in Multiplayer Tournament or Single Event games in the world famous Playman style and can upload the high-scores online and take on international Playmen and -women to see who’s the best of the best.

The Sims Bowling Mobile Phone Game
A player can customise the sim and then hit the lanes. A player will watch the popularity soar as a player pulls off cool moves and throws dazzling strikes in front of the admiring crowd. Electrifying graphics, advanced bowling physics and an easy one-button interface deliver exciting Sims bowling fun.

World Championship Pool
A player can experience the most realistic pool game on mobile in World Championship Pool and will travel the globe to compete in new international tournaments and take on the world’s best pool sharks. A player can put his/her skill and accuracy to the test as when completing original challenges and strive for Gold. Play against a friend in Pass n Play mode. The game has simpler controls, true pool physics and stunning graphics and all these features provide a player with more fun for novices and pros alike.

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