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Spring/Summer Release For DSi in Europe – How Vague Is That?

Nintnedo DSi is coming.

You know that time of the year that some people like to call “Spring/Summer”?  It’s right before and after “Winter/Autumn”, you know when it is.  Well Nintendo are hoping that you do because that’s when they have decided to bring their highly anticipated DSi to the European market.

Now, even though Spring/Summer is a little vague, after all, that label covers half the year, it is good news that at least we’re finally being told that it’s on its way.  Better Spring/Summer than “Never/Ever”.ds

The highly coveted console is going to be released both here in Europe and over the pond in the States and is set to take over from the DS’s successes.

Do you mean I could be made to wait another 6 months?

Most handheld gamers out there are praying that “Spring/Summer” means the first day of spring, although this may not be the case.  Only Nintendo can be sure and they clearly aren’t ready to put a specific date on the release.

In fact, by Nintendo’s statement we could actually be waiting until the end of August until the DSi finds its way West, meaning that all of you who have time off for the summer holidays will get your hands on the console just in time to have no time to play on it.

The DSi has proven to be a major hit in Japan, as was the case with the DS, and if the case is to be the same over here, then it might be a good idea to get your pennies ready because the minute it’s out you won’t be able to see Game Station through the crowd of DSi lovers.

One thing we can be sure of is that Nintendo will be choosing a more specific date closer the time and once we find that out then it really will be time to get excited.

Is that really a game?

Maybe the biggest disappointment regarding the release of the DSi over here in Europe is perhaps the lack of gaming software that will be available for the console.

If you aren’t bothered about Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir and you don’t give a monkeys about Walk With Me! Do You Know Your Walking Routine, then the release of the DSi isn’t really going to put a smile on your face until Nintendo sort out the software issue.

It’s being rumoured that there is a glimmer of hope for those gamers who are looking for an experience a little deeper than a walking game (!!?!?) as Pokemon Platinum, Rhythm Paradise, Mario and Luigi RPG 3 and Kirby Super Star Ultra are all being expected to be released in 2009.

If Nintendo wants the DSi to match, or overtake, the success that the console has enjoyed in Japan, then they need to whip out slightly better weapons than a game that seems to teach the player how to walk…come on, Nintendo!

DSi or bust?

Are you trying to contain yourself about the release of the DSi or are you struggling to get what the big deal is?  Let us know!

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