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Spyphone247 Spy Phone Software

Shafkat Shahzad - Senior Technical Content ManagerThe article will provide a user with information on Spyphone247 Spy Phone Software.
It is a superb new mobile phone software that allows a user to track, trace and monitor a mobile phone. It can monitor SMS messages, call logs (even missed calls) sent and received emails (BlackBerry phones only) as well as the geographical location of the phone when available (BlackBerry and Android). Spyphone247 allows a user to back-up the mobile phone and have a detailed record of its activity.

The software is very simple to set up and use. All that a user has to do is download a small application on the phone, provide that phone’s IMEI number (Type *#06# into the phone keypad to bring up the IMEI number on the screen) and using the serial key provided after purchase, the information will be displayed on the easy-to-use web-based administration panel. Even if the mobile phone’s records are deleted afterwards, the data will still be available view via the secure online account.

It lets a user with an unlimited access to the software for five years from the date of activation, and includes unlimited data storage. With the phone owner/user’s consent, a user can use the software to monitor the spouse, employees, and children for safety and security.

Spyphone247 will work on a huge array of ‘Smartphones’ including BlackBerrys, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian OS9 handsets including Nokias, Samsungs (see table below for phone compatibility).

Let’s have a quick look at the main features of Spyphone 247 software.
• A user can install the program on his/her own phone to use as a backup device
• view text messages sent and received
• Monitor call logs. Calls made, received, and missed calls
• Monitor emails, both received and sent by the phone
• GPS tracking and GSM Tracking is displayed on a Google Map link
• Locate the phone if it is lost or stolen
• Find out the whereabouts of the loved ones
• Monitor employee phone activity
• Keep track of the children and ensure their safety
• Five years unlimited service
• After purchase Serial Keys are despatched to customers in the form of a USB Memory Stick

If a user has read the article then he/she would have learnt about the Spyphone 247 spy phone software.

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