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Still In With A Fighting Chance? The Top 6 Blackberry Games…

Blackberry can play too…

The iPhone has found its way up the ladder as a gaming legend in a matter of months and as the AppStore surpasses its billionth app sale you would think that we’d be pushing the device – well you can forget it because that’s all we talk about.  Instead let’s take a look at the Blackberry’s gaming prowess.

So when you think Blackberry you don’t necessarily think about gaming, you think about profits and emails and business matters that you don’t care about.  However, the Blackberry has been designed to entertained as well…let’s see what it has to offer.

Tiny Ninja

Tiny is a little dude with a big dream!  He wants to see his dreams become reality by one day becoming the Ninja that he knows he can be.  It’s up to you to help him out and make sure he gets to the top of the Ninja ranks by fighting your way through levels and challenges.  Feel the pressure enforced more and more the closer you get success…

Dope Wars

If you were born before 1992 then you’ll remember when this was one of the best games you could get your hands on when all we had was Windows 95.  Every kid wanted to deal drugs without the responsibility of worrying about the consequences and this was the game that captured all of our imaginations!

Now this classic game finds its way onto the Blackberry in all its style and sophistication.  Buy what you want and try and make a profit!  A better way of passing the time is still to be discovered.


Being a taxi driver isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time but when it’s a game and having to deal with drunk chavs isn’t an issue you can actually have a good time behind a big yellow taxi.

Drive around the city picking up and dropping off passengers attempting to reach checkpoints in time.  Earn money and buy better taxis with your dollars.  You have seven to choose from and 3 cities to ride around in.


What needs to be said with regards to Mario – the Blackberry version is a perfect copy of the original NES game but now you can play in while on the move.  Never has so much fun been packed into such a small red plumber…


Again, it seems like Blackberry likes to stick to what is comfortable – Tetris, like Mario, is another winner and is one of the most classic games you can get your hands on.

Texas Hold’em Poker

This electronic version has been brought back from the dead thanks to the popularity of online gaming through Facebook Texas Hold’em Poker has a way of allowing you to forget your worries and throw away thousands of dollars of fake money…what more could you want to do with your weekend?

Blackberry:  Good Enough To Game With?

So the Blackberry has some games to give but is it strong enough to beat off the powerful features of the iPhone?  Would you buy a Blackberry for its gaming competency?  Let us know what you think…

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