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Striking A Chord Between Gaming And Society.

Does anyone happen to read the Daily fail-I mean Daily mail? Anyone seen the presumptious and pompous rubbish they write about gamers as well as gaming? Without going into too much of a rant about one uninformed newspaper, gaming is a medium- a tool for interactive entertainment and rapidly growing into a cornerstone of socialisation. Articles, news stories etc are published regularly about how gaming is a damaging medium which effects moral capability in the very people that indulge.

Statements like that though are very misleading and indeed false. Gaming regularly to the extent in which a gamer’s life is spent in its entirety in front of a screen complete with a controller pad would naturally be damaging- as would anything else for long periods. It has not been as of yet scientifically clinically defined that gaming is linked violence as a defect. That is key. Many will go to great lengths to use gaming as a scapegoat for some of the troubles that go on in the far reaches of life such as murders and road rage in cars.

Gaming is like cinema and film. You play out contextualised settings in which that particular game determines the realism and/or the fantasy. Same as in film but only that is being streamed to you. Realism and graphical realism are subjective as technology evolves. Violence moves on, special effects move on, social acceptance should move on. Yet the perception of gaming in the mainstream remains childish and uninformed. Why does the biggest revenue media bigger than film and music not have proper coverage in the mainstream circles? There is  target demographic for gaming and yet no-one has been able to sufficiently tackle this area in coverage such as television and newspaper coverage.

The most these get is a trailer or two and the odd review of a hyped game which is hyped as the end of the world 2012 (slight exaggeration). BBC, Sky, Rupert Murdoch- shine some light on this vastly improving medium. It is not what many perceive it to be. Gaming is not at this moment in time linked with wider cases of violence. Games also can play out like films, have voice actors and require the utmost of production dedication. It is a strange world we live in. For now, gaming remains a fledgling medium one that is childishly understated. For the future, can it be socially accepted as it should be by the general media as well as society itself?

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