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Sun Microsystems And Samsung Developing A “JAVA” Branded Phone

SamsungAs if the JAVA platform was not already embedded into the mobile phone industry, with literally billions of handsets using JAVA software, it now seems that Sun Microsystems have partnered with Samsung to develop the worlds first true “JAVA” phone. So what will it do?

Unfortunately, at this moment in time details are fairly vague, although many are suggesting that the two companies will soon be announcing their plans officially, in a blaze of publicity. Its seems that the “JAVA” phone will be pitched directly at Apple’s iPhone, with suggestions that it will be both superior in functionality and the number of services available.

The JAVA platform has been one of the major success stories of the internet, and since been released as “open source” code the popularity of the platform has risen enormously. It is already installed in the vast number of handsets currently on the market, with JAVA platform games a great favourite amongst the younger crowds. It seems that Sun Microsystems have spotted a potential niche in the market, and with the power of Samsung behind them, there is every chance of success.

Are we about to see the only real threat to the iPhone? How will Apple hit back? Time will tell, but if these two can pull it off, then we may see a whole realignment of the mobile handset market…..

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