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Sun Microsystems Set To Lift Final JAVA Restrictions

Open SourceWhile many were under the impression that JAVA was already a full open sourced code, this was not strictly true, until now!

Sun Microsystems have agreed to remove the final restrictions on the JAVA system and release the full coding to the open source market. This is excellent news and is sure to see a wave of JAVA enabled programs and applications – many of which are sure to be aimed at the growing mobile phone market.

JAVA has been a major component of both the online and mobile gaming markets and many services have come to depend on the JAVA platform structure to reduce duplication cost and push industry technology further forward. For those unaware of the structure and attractions of JAVA, the JAVA platform offers a perfect bridge between different programming and operating systems, allowing programmers to produce one JAVA based application to run across the broad band of systems on the market.

It is this flexibility which has seen the JAVA code appearing in a raft of mainstream applications and industries, with many programmers believing that they have only just scratched the surface with regards to the potential for the code. The fact that all of the source code has now been made available (although the sound engine code is still to be deciphered for publication) is a real boost for programmers using the code and the JAVA sector itself.

Sun Microsystems has been the “keeper” of the full set of original JAVA source code for so long that many had given up hope of a full publication. However, the boost that this release will give to the JAVA sector and Sun Microsystems will become more evident in due course but it certainly is a turning point for the sector.

Watch this space for more developments…..

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