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Swoopin Gives Facebook Users Free Games

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about using social networking site Facebook to promote mobile games. The idea is to use advertising to offer these games for free.


Ubersoft is one of the companies trying to combine those ideas in to one service, Swoopin. The service offers more than 800 free games, funded by ads, and while its started as a WAP site, it is now a facebook application.


The process couldn’t be simpler: Install the app on to your facebook profile, then enter your mobile number and choose a game category from puzzle, action, adventure, casino and mobile pets.


The application is embedded into your profile, and you download games from it, and sideload them on to your mobile phone. You can also send the games on to your friends, which is something Ubersoft hopes will happen to increase the service’s growth.


The service is defiantly in its infancy – there are only 16 active daily users – but once its awareness grows, it could boom somewhat.

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