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» Fifa 14 Review

Fifa made the jump to next-gen consoles and is generally regarded as continuing in the recent good strong of games in the series. Fifa 14 on the PS4 while solid is perhaps understated and the game appears to be tired now. Here is a look at Fifa 14 on the PS4. Fifa 14 on the […]

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» Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Review

Final Fantasy XIV released in 2010 to absolute dire reviews. Square Enix made a public apology, pulled the game and re-released it last year in September for PC and PS3. Ahead of the PS4 beta this week, I have decided to review the PS3 version of the game as that is the only version I […]

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» Gran Turismo 6 Review

One of the last AAA exclusives comes to the PS3 and its a shame to many that it has not yet made its way to the PS4. Despite the rise of Forza, it is clear that Gran Turismo is the king of realistic driving games, a crown which it looks to retain. Gran Turismo is […]

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» Beyond: Two Souls Review.

Beyond: Two Souls is Quantic Dream’s second PS3 game after the mystery thriller Heavy Rain (2010). What is clear is Beyond is divisive among critics and gamers alike. Much is left to opinion on this game and while it has many merits, it does indeed have flaws. How does it hold up though and is […]

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» Starhawk Review.

Warhawk, Starhawk’s spiritual predecessor came in 2007 to some fanfare at the time but skip forward almost 5 years later and the game is revered as a cult game for the PS3. Using the same template for Warhawk but now set in space with notable gameplay differences and a single player campaign to boot as well as […]

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» Uncharted 3 Review: Maintaining greatness for the Playstation?

To define and refine are two conceptual meanings that can be rightfully applied to Uncharted. Define- Uncharted is an explosive cinematic game with riveting set-pieces combining that with 3rd person cover shooting gameplay. That is Uncharted as a whole though as defining the third entry into the critically acclaimed trilogy is complex. Refine- Uncharted 3 utilises previous […]

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