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» Chromebook

The article will provide a user with information on Chromebook. It will also provide a brief comparison between Acer Chromebook and Samsung Chromebook. Chromebooks are built and optimized for the web, where a user already spends most of the computing time. This provides a user with a faster, simpler and more secure experience without all […]

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» A Selection Of The Best Games On The G1

Gaming on the G1 No matter what AppStore you use, whether it’s for your iPhone, your G1 or your Blackberry, one of the most popular genres of apps is the gaming section – why?  Because games rock?  I think so… Who doesn’t like playing games on the move?  Ever since the early days of Nokia […]

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» Guitar Hero Coming to the Android Platform

Guitar Hero on your G1. The time has come – we will soon be able to rock out on our Google Android Smartphones as Guitar Hero, the popular rock simulator game, is gearing up to hit the Android handset. The iPhone has been all cocky recently with its own version of the now infamous Guitar […]

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» Android’s Top 10 Applications – According to Google

Google has spoken… Google have released the Top 10 applications that have been downloaded through their Android Market.  It’s interesting to see what Android users have wanted to play with compared to iPhone users who have had the AppStore a significantly longer time. The list comes quickly after Vodafone and HTC have announced a brand […]

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» Windows Mobile to enter the application store market

It seems as though Apple’s AppStore started off a new generation of online application stores for smart phones and there is a new contender that’s getting ready to enter the market.  Windows Mobile is apparently preparing to release the news that they will be bringing out their own version of the AppStore, according to a […]

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» Android security issue fixed…but are we impressed?

When you release a new, supposedly life changing, platform into the mobile handset battleground, you hope for glowing reviews, award chatter and even possibly the hope of bringing together every man and woman alive into a melting pot of peace and unity.  What you most definitely don’t want is a security flaw discovered shortly after […]

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