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» PSP Go vs. iPhone 3GS – Competition Time?

PSP Go vs. iPhone 3GS We have had a number of great announcements for the portable gaming world recently – the first came in the form of the third generation of iPhone, the iPhone 3GS.  The second announcement came at the E3 Conference in the form of Sony’s PSP Go, the next generation in the […]

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» DSi vs. PSP Go Part 5 – Release Dates & Verdict

DSi vs. PSP Go – Part 5 We have spent the week comparing the two portable gaming consoles that are set to split the world down the middle – Nintendo’s DSi and Sony’s PSP Go. We started off by looking at the storage of the unit – both units managed to provide pretty much the […]

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» Top Free Games On The G1

Gl – Free Gaming Some are claiming that the G1 Smartphone running the Google Android mobile system is set to be the most popular hand held gaming console on the market – although the guys over at Google still have a lot to do to convince me of their threat against the iPhone it’s still […]

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» Top DSi Secrets Nintendo Don’t Want Us Talking About

DSi – You may not have know about this but… You’ve got your DSi set firmly in your palm where it’s been for weeks now and you’re getting a little tired of the same old DSi experience – there are a few little interesting things your DSi can do that you probably weren’t aware of. […]

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» Glu unveils plan to introduce 4 iPhone games

4 little treats for the iPhone. Glu Mobile, the mobile gaming developers, have announced that they are bringing four brand new iPhone games to the market in an attempt to confirm their position on the iPhone gaming bandwagon that is quickly taking off. Talking at a conference on Tuesday evening, the CEO of Glu, Greg […]

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» iPhone game success for Katy Perry

Music and games – who would have thought… Katy Perry has started the wheels of success rolling all over again as her sales on iTunes have recorded a sudden boost – but why, I hear you cry.  Well, this time it’s not because she kissed a girl and liked it. Unlike the music industry, who […]

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» Corrie DS – Coronation Street coming in 2009 Q4

Corrie on the big box and the little box at the same time… Some people like watching Coronation Street, some people love it in fact.  It makes perfect sense therefore to release a game for the Nintendo DS based on the very street that has sparked the imaginations of the country for so many decades. […]

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» Voodoo Firefly is the portable gamer’s dream

There’s a new daddy on the block and it comes to you in the form of a laptop – but it’s so much more.  It’s going around calling itself the Firefly and it’s here to blow your gaming minds. Just in case one screen wasn’t enough for your laptop, the Firefly brings you two screens, […]

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