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» The Best PS3 Games.

The seventh generation of gaming was dominated by the PS3-Xbox 360 battle. As it begins to draw to a close, I have disclosed the top 5 Xbox 360 games as a gamer in which did not own the console itself. Here are my top 5 PS3 games. 5. Warhawk: There is a reason why a […]

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» Fifa 14: Legacy Edition Details.

Fifa is widely seen as the best available football game on the market across all platforms. However, issues have plagued the game outside of the main PS3 and 360 versions. The Vita version for example is a reskin of a reskin (Fifa 14 is 13 which in itself was Fifa Football). The Wii, PS2, PSP, […]

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» Beyond: Two Souls Preview.

Beyond: Two Souls is the latest game from the fabled game studio Quantic Dream, behind 2010 hit Heavy Rain. Quantic Dream have seen wide praise for their games being powerfully cinematic and thematic in a non-conventional gaming sense. The overriding question for gamers that are interested in Beyond is does it play like Heavy Rain? […]

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» A look at the GTAV trailer.

For many, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is the symbol of  everything good and bad about gaming. The rugged boundless freedom of its constructed worlds sets the player in a quest to do whatever they wish be it good-within the confines of the game or bad pillaging and murdering. Despite the near universal negative press GTA gets in […]

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» Nintendo Profits In – The Good (DS), The Bad (Wii) & The Ugly (PSP)

Nintendo Wii’s profits right down the drain. It seems as though the time has come for the previously thought recession-proof gaming developer Nintendo have finally taken a hit in the economic downturn as their profits take a turn for the worse. The developer had originally forecasted their sales of their popular Wii consoles to be […]

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