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» Killzone: Shadowfall Review

Killzone-a brooding dark Sci-Fi series which recently released its latest entry as a PS4 launch day exclusive. As the PS4 breaks sales records, Shadowfall is one of the faces of the PS4 and its quest for glory. Killzone is a series which is a stark opposite to Microsoft’s Halo. While Halo is vivid and vibrant, […]

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» Playstation 4-The Next Generation.

Happy new year and so 2014 begins after riding the wave caused by the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One. Both consoles have been doucmented, torn apart and no constantly compared against each other. Here is the Playstation 4  and my overall impressions of the console so far. The Playstation 4 is a very […]

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» Xbox One: All Is Forgiven?

It seems that the best of us are quick to forgive and forget. The Xbox One launched yesterday in 13 different countries to good sales numbers exceeding more than 1 million sales. It just begs the question-was everyone too ready to forgive or was everyone too ready to hate on the console? May 2013 and […]

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» PS4 Limitations.

Sony released an extensive FAQ yesterday explaining some of the finer bits of detail about the PS4. We learned that the PS4 has many limitations and the potential reaction could be damaging. So, I will take you through the limitations and see what the impact of this could well be. Limitations At E3, we saw […]

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» Why The PS4 Is The Console To Get.

41 days left at the time of writing until the PS4 hits the UK shores. Popular opinion shows that the PS4 has momentum amongst gamers even if crucial launch title Diveclub has been delayed. So why should you get a PS4 over the Xbox One? Here are a couple of key points to note about […]

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» Fifa 14: Legacy Edition Details.

Fifa is widely seen as the best available football game on the market across all platforms. However, issues have plagued the game outside of the main PS3 and 360 versions. The Vita version for example is a reskin of a reskin (Fifa 14 is 13 which in itself was Fifa Football). The Wii, PS2, PSP, […]

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» Has the PS Vita finally lived up to its potential?

The PS Vita is without doubt the best handheld gaming device made. The problem for the past year and a half since the Vita’s EU release has been according to many the lack of games available. Couple that with the system’s security-it has not been hacked yet unlike the PSP which was opened with ease and […]

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» Another Xbox U-turn…

And Microsoft is at it again! At this rate instead of calling the new Xbox One, it should be called 180, reversal, gamer changer, I’maSonyconsoleinaMicrosoftbox. So what has been changed this week? Indie developers now can publish their titles on the new Xbox when it releases without having a publisher. Having a publisher for an Indie […]

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