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» PSP Go vs. iPhone 3GS – Competition Time?

PSP Go vs. iPhone 3GS We have had a number of great announcements for the portable gaming world recently – the first came in the form of the third generation of iPhone, the iPhone 3GS.  The second announcement came at the E3 Conference in the form of Sony’s PSP Go, the next generation in the […]

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» DSi vs. PSP Go Part 5 – Release Dates & Verdict

DSi vs. PSP Go – Part 5 We have spent the week comparing the two portable gaming consoles that are set to split the world down the middle – Nintendo’s DSi and Sony’s PSP Go. We started off by looking at the storage of the unit – both units managed to provide pretty much the […]

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» DSi vs. PSP Go! Part 4 – Size and Shape

DSi vs. PSP Go – Part 4 As you might have heard Sony is planning on bringing out the PSP Go in October sparking the battle between the two gaming giants once again.  Nintendo have been looking pretty weak in recent times so it’ll be interesting to see the effects of the PSP Go upon […]

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» DSi vs. PSP Go! Part 3 – Controls

DSi vs. PSP Go – Part 3 We’ve been taking time out to have a close look at the new evolution by Sony’s portable gaming experience, the PSP Go.  So far we’ve had a look at how the consoles fair against each other when it comes to storage and games available. Storage wise the two […]

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» DSi vs. PSP Go! Part 2 – Games

DSi vs. PSP Go – Part 2 Yesterday we started our journey down the incredibly fun path of comparing the two giants of the portable gaming world – Sony and Nintendo. As the release of the exciting new PSP Go creeps ever closer it’s important to take the time out to make sure to understand […]

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» DSi vs. PSP Go! Part 1 – Storage

DSi vs. PSP Go – Part 1 The battle of the portable gaming consoles is back on and it’s a thriller of a ride – we’ve got competition once again for the mighty DS family and once again it comes from the Sony camp in the form of the uber trendy PSP Go. It’ll be […]

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» What We Can Expect From The PSP Go

Sony PSP Go – What we know so far… If there was a console worth buying this year, then it would have to be the recently launched Sony PSP Go, Sony’s next evolutionary move in the Portable PlayStation family. The PSP Go has been labelled, by the guys over at Sony themselves, as the “worst […]

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