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» “I hear Sony FINALLY has the PSP 2″ – According to David Perry of Acclaim

PSP2 – Rumour time…again! All around the globe the PSP2 fire has been re-lit and this time with a gallon of gasoline and 25 Zippos – although still in the rumour stages, talks about the possibility of a soon-to-be PSP2 have been triggered thanks to the social mini-blogging website Twitter. Granted this isn’t a definitive […]

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» Nintendo Profits In – The Good (DS), The Bad (Wii) & The Ugly (PSP)

Nintendo Wii’s profits right down the drain. It seems as though the time has come for the previously thought recession-proof gaming developer Nintendo have finally taken a hit in the economic downturn as their profits take a turn for the worse. The developer had originally forecasted their sales of their popular Wii consoles to be […]

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» Is the PSP in for a good 2009?

Sony are getting prepared for 2009 as a whole host of games are being prepared for release on the Playstation Portable console.  But, Sony are being hailed as the losers of the heavy and long battle between the PSP and the Nintendo DS and most people will be asking is it worth it when it […]

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» Sony – PSP 2 just ain’t gonna happen…

If you had your heart set on one day playing on a PSP 2, then I’m sorry to tell you, it’s just not going to happen.  And that’s not only me saying it…I’m backed up by Sony.  This is what Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s President David Reeves had to say on the matter, (just in […]

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» PSP2 – sooner than we think?

It’s coming…the PSP 2 is on its way.  News is buzzing around the Internet waves that Sony, the developer of the PSP, has recently guaranteed the use of Imagination Technologies’s graphics processors.  What does this mean to you and me?  It means that you might be seeing a sparkly, new PSP 2 in shops sooner […]

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