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» DSi vs. PSP Go! Part 3 – Controls

DSi vs. PSP Go – Part 3 We’ve been taking time out to have a close look at the new evolution by Sony’s portable gaming experience, the PSP Go.  So far we’ve had a look at how the consoles fair against each other when it comes to storage and games available. Storage wise the two […]

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» What We Can Expect From The PSP Go

Sony PSP Go – What we know so far… If there was a console worth buying this year, then it would have to be the recently launched Sony PSP Go, Sony’s next evolutionary move in the Portable PlayStation family. The PSP Go has been labelled, by the guys over at Sony themselves, as the “worst […]

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» 6 iPhone Music/Gaming Collaborations We Are Thankful For

Top iPhone Music Games When you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch it’s hard to decide which aspect of the device you like best – are you more interested in listening to music or do you prefer playing games?  After all the unit is designed to do both beautifully… Well, there is no need […]

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» The Free AppStore Games You Should Be Playing Right Now!

AppStore games that you should be aware of… As the iPhone’s success swells over into 2009 with a big smile on its face it’s a good idea to know which games you should be having a go at.  Below is a list of a few of the games that you should be looking at and […]

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» Nintendo DS – Make way for Chrono Trigger’s return

You have been waiting for it, we have been waiting for it.  It seems that everyone has been waiting with baited breath for the release of the highly anticipated Chrono Trigger on to the Nintendo DS platform.  The game has gained legendary status amongst role playing games, but has the  migration to the DS really […]

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