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» PSP Go vs. iPhone 3GS – Competition Time?

PSP Go vs. iPhone 3GS We have had a number of great announcements for the portable gaming world recently – the first came in the form of the third generation of iPhone, the iPhone 3GS.  The second announcement came at the E3 Conference in the form of Sony’s PSP Go, the next generation in the […]

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» Top Free Games On The G1

Gl – Free Gaming Some are claiming that the G1 Smartphone running the Google Android mobile system is set to be the most popular hand held gaming console on the market – although the guys over at Google still have a lot to do to convince me of their threat against the iPhone it’s still […]

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» Nintendo DSi – iPhone Killer?

Should the iPhone be scared right now? The Nintendo DSi is finally upon us after much waiting with breath that has been so very baited.  But while we’ve been waiting for the arrival of such a portable gaming behemoth we have been neglecting our old friend the iPhone and how it will be feeling as […]

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» Battle of the Smartphones – Blackberry Bold vs. iPhone 3G Part 2

BlackBerry Bold vs. iPhone 3G – Let’s fight… Part ll Yesterday we started a fight between two Smartphones that are trying to win their places in your palms.  So far the iPhone has taken the lead, but the Bold must have some redeeming features to bring it back into the battle? Let’s find out… Operating […]

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» Battle of the Smartphones – Blackberry Bold vs. iPhone 3G Part 1

BlackBerry Bold vs. iPhone 3G – Let’s fight… When you get two beautiful pieces of equipment battling against each other it is important to understand which one is better than the other – but how can you know which one is the leader? The iPhone has enjoyed massive market success but BlackBerry has taken the […]

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» iPhone vs. Pre – Battle of the Smartphones Part ll

iPhone vs. Pre – Continued… Yesterday we set about trying to determine which was Smartphone was the winner in the fight between Apple’s iPhone and Palm’s Pre – so far we have determined that the Pre has a better camera (with flash no less), better browsing and is more developer friendly.  The iPhone has been […]

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» iPhone vs. Pre – Battle of the Smartphones

iPhone vs. Pre Is it just me or do you agree that saying that the Palm Pre is the biggest competition to the iPhone is a bit of a farce – has no one noticed that it looks almost exactly the same on the surface?  I understand that their workings are not the same but […]

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» Guitar Hero Coming to the Android Platform

Guitar Hero on your G1. The time has come – we will soon be able to rock out on our Google Android Smartphones as Guitar Hero, the popular rock simulator game, is gearing up to hit the Android handset. The iPhone has been all cocky recently with its own version of the now infamous Guitar […]

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» New iPhone Release Date Leaked – June 2009

The iPhone rumour mill given more juice… Rumours have appeared everywhere scoping the next evolutionary turn that Apple’s iPhone will be making, and when.  However more fuel has been thrown hectically into the fire. A report in the United Arab Emirate’s newspaper, Business 24-7, has unleashed a massive amount of interest as an interview with […]

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