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Taking advantage of GAME’s misfortune

lets be honest, GAME the retail group synonymous with gamers stretching far and wide is playing and flirting  its seemingly unavoidable fate. The chain that also owns Gamestation as well is putting out all the stops in trying to recoup and garner as much money as possible. So in turn, they have decided to put up a massive pre-owned sale (some on brand new titles as well) which is no doubt bad for the company. Seriously, no one wants to be selling at a loss. But this is the case and business is business for us consumers. While I have sympathy for the guys involved (numbers ranging from 6000 to 10,000 jobs at stake) this is an opportunity for many to grab a bargain.

If this is the first you are hearing about it I will be brief about the situation. GAME are toying with their death. Publishers (EA, Capcom) have lost faith in the chain and decided against stocking titles for the chain. The lack of Mass Effect 3 alone made a £2/3 million loss. Asura’s Wrath+Resident Evil:Raccoon City are the latest absentees. It is reported that an offer is on the table to buy out GAME in which a share for the company is worth at the time of writing an estimated £3.7 pence. But what is more alarming is that GAME’s debts are due for this coming Friday (a whopping £180 million). The situation for those involved is bleak indeed and hopefully the people effected will come out unscathed.

So to the deals then and while this is pretty late (most of the stock has vanished and the good deals with it), there are still some good games on offer.

Guitar Hero 3 £1.98

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising £2.98

Fallout: New Vegas £4.98

Beatles Rock Band £0.98

Unreal Tournament 3 £2.98

Battlefield: Bad Company £2.98

Crackdown £1.98

Halo 3 £2.98

Gears Of War £2.98

All of the above games have a positive metacritic rating with Beatles Rock Band, Halo and Gears being universally acclaimed. Its a good opportunity for those who haven’t played some of the older games and are curious as to whether to do so. Embrace that curiousity. There are many more games on offer and at these prices, they are as cheap as chips…well sort of…cheap as…cheap-you get the picture. So go down to GAME, grab a bargain and let me know what you bagged in the comments section.

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